Experience Tokyo as it lives!

Orientation Tokyo will take you through the city's neighborhoods, and you will see how Edo made Tokyo and how it still influences the city today. Edo is still breathes and walks in the backstreets - and you will be a part of that history.

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Tokyo's Hidden Culinary Pleasures

Orientation Tokyo's "Open Sesame" to off-the-beaten-path izakaya and eateries!

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Choose your Walk now!

Making your stay in Tokyo memorable! Unique, informative, and exciting walking tours for the discerning traveler. Only Orientation Tokyo can take you from Tokyo's present to its past, and bring it to life in front of your eyes!

Memorable Experiences are the ultimate scarcity – we’ll make your trip unforgettable!

You want more than most travelers. That once in a life-time experience. The hidden treasure that others miss. So why settle for the standard tours of Tokyo?

Tokyo from a unique perspective

OT_Logo_TransOrientation Tokyo private Walking Tours are for the discerning traveler who wants an individual experience, to visit a Tokyo that can’t be found in guidebooks or bus tours.  Our Walks take you away from the urban sprawl of the metropolis and into the hidden pockets of the city and reveal the mysteries sleeping in its street corners and doorways.

Thanks to complete area information and expert knowledge that will bring more depth and pleasure than any guidebook can, your Walk immerses you in Tokyo’s history and lets you decipher the city’s mysteries.  From a simple route guide to a Walking Tour with expert historical background that will bring Edo back to life, Orientation Tokyo will turn your trip to Tokyo into a lifetime memory.

You may find cheaper tours, but you won’t find any better or more entertaining than your History Walk with Orientation Tokyo.  And as a traveler who realizes that time is precious and demands the best, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Art & Photos bring Tokyo’s past alive

OT_Logo_TransEdo, the city of Shogun and samurai, is still alive in modern Tokyo- peeking out from the back streets and hidden it the shadows of its temples, waiting to be discovered!

Complementing expert knowledge of the city’s history and cultural past with ukiyo-e woodblock prints and photos, Orientation Tokyo takes you on a walking trip through more than 400 years of Tokyo’s history.

Experience the past living side-by-side with the present, and see how the fires and canals of Edo shaped and dictated the growth of Tokyo.  The city will look different after a Walk with Orientation Tokyo, its story written clearly on any map, but only being able to be read by you and a select few.

The stories of Old Tokyo’s ruffians and rowdies, heroes and villains, are all waiting for you!  Won’t you join us?