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How to Avoid Temple “Burnout”, part 1

It is probably inevitable that if you visit Japan – it doesn’t matter whether it is major cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima or smaller towns and villages in the countryside – you will also visit numerous Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. After the first few temple and shrine visits (your mileage may vary), it is also inevitable that you will …

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Quick Tips for getting settled in Tokyo

After arriving in Tokyo, making the trip from the airport to your new home or apartment, and trying to get over the jetlag, the real process of getting settling in and adjusted begins. What this involves will certainly vary from person to person and family to family, but one thing is bound to be true: the realization of the fact …

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Virtual Edo 1: Take a stroll around Nihombashi!

Virtual Edo beckons!  Slip back in time via a short walk around one of Edo’s busiest neighborhoods: Nihombashi….  On the banks of the Nihombashi River, you will find Edo’s fish market, supplying the freshest catch to the Shogun and all of Edo’s residents. Enter Edo by clicking on this link: Nihombashi was also the starting point for the five Great …

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Center of the World, Edo-style: Nihombashi

“All roads lead to Rome”was an oft used phrase and for a long time it was quite accurate – ALL roads did in fact lead to Rome.  In Edo-era Japan, a similar situation existed in that all of the five Great Highways originated at Nihombashi and all distance was measured from this point. Built in 1603, Nihombashi was also home …

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