Pricing & Reservations

Area Highlight Walk


  • In-depth Walk focusing on one area of Tokyo
  • Walk is 2.5 hours long; choose any one Walk from the Walk list
  • Single group (1~4 people): ï¿¥12,000/group
  • Groups of 5 people or more (up to a maximum of 10): ï¿¥3,000/person

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Half Day Walk


  • Comprehensive Walk exploring two areas of the city
  • Choose two areas from the Walk list; Walk is 4 hours long
  • Single group (1~3 people): ï¿¥15,000/group
  • Groups of 4 people or more (maximum of 10 people): ï¿¥5,000/person

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Full Day Walk


  • Explore the history of both the High City and the Low City
  • The Walk is 8 hours long with stops at many of Tokyo’s major attractions
  • Maximum group size is 6 people
  • Custom / Individualized Walks available.

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