History Walks & Area Information

Tokyo offers a huge variety of attractions to the visitor: world class shopping in Ginza, a huge array of the latest electronics in Akihabara, early morning sushi at Tsukiji market, and of course, famous temples and shrines scattered throughout the city.  There is literally something here for everyone, no matter if your taste is traditional Japan or modern metropolis fashion.

Orientation Tokyo will let you walk the streets, many of which not much changed from the 1600s, and see how Edo made Tokyo and how it still influences the city today.  You know why things are where they are, and see the city of the past come alive and give meaning to the city of the present.  Tokyo will be more than a collection of beautiful temples and modern skyscapers, it will become a place where Edo is still breathes and walks in the backstreets – and you will be a part of that history!

What we offer

For the most entertaining, in-depth, and detailed explorations of the city, our History Walks let you taste the past as it lives on today through an urban adventure led by our expert guides.  There are three types of Walks to choose from:

Area Highlight Walk

 Explore one area in-depth. A comprehensive Walk through one of Tokyo’s most historic sites, taking you into the nooks and crannies of the city’s culture and personalities. 2 1/2 hours long and at a leisurely pace; a great way to spend an afternoon!

Half-day Walk

A four hour Walk. Choose any two Walks from the Walk List. The Half-day Walk will show you more of Tokyo and let you savor its sights and mysteries in focus. A comfortable Walk recommended for those wanting a slightly “bigger picture” view of Tokyo and its history.

Full-day Walk

A complete day of visiting Tokyo’s most important sites and diving into all facets of life and development in Edo and Tokyo. This Walk is eight hours long and takes you through both major attractions and hidden corners of the city. If you have only one day to see the city and want to get a complete idea of its past, this is the Walk to choose.