How often do you have History Walks?

Since all Orientation Tokyo Walks are private – the Walk will be your group only, with no strangers – we have no regularly scheduled Dates or Times.  However, depending on the season and demand, there may be times that we cannot accommodate your first request. We welcome all inquiries, and if you have a particular date that you would like to take a Walk on, let us know!
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What is a Walk like?

The Area Highlight Walk only covers a single area, but you will visit several places of historical and cultural interest in that area, some on a grander scale and others of a more individual, personal nature.  We use many ukuiyo-e images and photographs to complement our expert guidance. The Half-Day Walk combines any two Areas you choose. The Walks are all outdoors with an occasional stop into a shop, temple, or other point of interest.
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Are the Walks in English?

Yes, all Walks are in English, but Japanese commentary can be added if requested and Walks entirely in Japanese are available as a custom event.

How long are the Walks?

The Area Highlight Walk is 2 1/2 hours in length.  The Half-Day Walk is 4 hours. We go at a relaxed pace, and may spend more time at one place or the other as interest demands.  Walks are not strenuous, but please be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing suitable to the weather.

Will the Walk be held even if it rains?

Barring a typhoon or other natural calamity, we hold our Walks rain or shine.  In the case of rain, if you don’t have an umbrella, they can be easily purchased at a nearby convenience store.

What if I have to go to the bathroom?

No problem!  There is plenty of time and places to stop if the need should arise – just let us know!

I’m traveling with my children.  Are there any discounts?

Kids are always welcome and we will do our best to make sure that the Walk is entertaining and informative for them as well.  Children under the age of 10 are free, 11 and up pay the same fee as an adult.

Do you offer refunds?

Sorry, unless typhoons or earthquakes make doing the Walk an impossibility, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. If we have not arranged to meet you at your hotel, it is your responsibility to show up for your tour at the designated time, place, and date.

What about tips and gratuities?

Tips are not expected but if you feel that the Walk warranted a little something extra, they are accepted with gratitude!

Do you do custom Walks?

If you would like to have a Walk of an area that is not included in our regular Walk list, or have a more in-depth tour, we will be glad to arrange a custom Walk for you.  Custom Walks can be designed for individuals and small groups (up to six people).

Do you offer anything else?

In addition to History Walks, we are pleased offer “izakaya evenings” – dinner at an off-the-beaten-track restaurant where you can savor Tokyo to its fullest and not have to worry about reading the menu or what to order.

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