Paul Tierney was an outstanding tour leader. Very knowledgeable, excellent communicator, enthusiastic, energetic, excellent interpersonal skills. We really enjoyed his company for two days and felt he gave us valuable insight into Tokyo from the Edo period. His use of reproductions of the old woodcuts and maps of the period was inspired… – Robert C., Australia

“Paul is one of the best guides we have ever had. The right level of historical introduction, plenty of USEFUL knowledge and so passionate about the city that he transfers part of his love onto the tour participants. Really outstanding!” Andre E., France

“Discovering that Tokyo was not just another big city by gaining an appreciation of its history through Paul’s enthusiasm, his excellent knowledge and his clear way of presenting this knowledge. We particularly enjoyed Paul’s organisation (and) his use of old paintings to show us the then and now.” Phillip B., Australia

Paul was an excellent tour guide. He was extremely knowledgeable, prompt, friendly and a delight to be in the company of.” Josh W., Australia

“Paul has vast knowledge & ability to communicate an understanding of Japan’s history & culture during the Edo Period. I particularly enjoyed learning about Japanese Ladies Hairstyles & Combs during this period (I don’t think this would be found easily in texts).” Carolyn H., Australia

“Paul lifts the curtain and reveals this wonderful lost world in an excellent way.” Hans K., Sweden

Paul was very knowledgeable and positively loquacious about the neighborhood.  In addition, his pamphlet of visual aids assisted in evoking the sights from the late Edo to the early 20th century.  Due to his dual facility with both his native English and adopted Japanese, I would recommend his walks for the tourist who just arrived as well as for the long-time resident.” Jason E., United States

“We had a very enjoyable day with our tour guide, Paul Tierney. Paul was patient and knowledgeable and allowed us to digress when that was appropriate. Paul also very generously provided practical information on travelling around Tokyo. (Highlights of the tour were) being able to understand the history of Tokyo and Paul’s clever use of Ukiyo-e prints to show a particular site or event as painted previously and compare with 2012.” Bronwyn E., Australia